Welcome to my site. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a brief introduction. I’m a singer songwriter, living and working in the Kansas City area.

Solo Performances

I do lots of solo performances in and around the Kansas City area. Depending on the venue I’m performing in, I perform my own tunes, or a mixture of original tunes and popular songs ranging from classics like American Pie to modern tunes by Jack Johnson.

The genres I perform are folk, acoustic rock, world, and jazz. Some of my influences include Paul Simon, Jim Croce and James Taylor.


I’ve been teaching guitar lessons in Cass County, MO for many years. I offer lessons to students in Peculiar, Raymore, Belton, Pleasant Hill, and Harrisonville. I currently teach out of my studio in Peculiar, MO.
Guitar Lessons Information

“He does a great job with my kids. He is presently teaching drums, guitar and bass guitar. As soon as they learn the basics on an instrument he uses another instrument to play and sing songs with them! They love it!” Brett R., Kansas City, MO

For More Information Call (913) 203-7610.

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