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In today’s songwriting tips, we’ll discuss the simplest method of writing your first song. I spent several years in the Army Band before moving to Kansas City. One day one of the gals, who sang with the band, presented a song that she had written. She sang it a cappella. I thought it was an excellent song. I asked her if I could see what she’d written, since at the time I didn’t know that she couldn’t read or write music. She showed me a piece of paper with nothing but lyrics on it. There were no chords, and no melody written. To me, this is the simplest form and method of songwriting. As a matter of fact, people were creating songs before the invention of paper. They didn’t write anything down! That’s why songs have a tradition of rhyming. They were easier to remember that way.

By this example you can see that you don’t necessarily need anything at all to get started. For most people, I’d simply recommend using a piece of paper to write your first song. Just start singing and writing out lyric ideas as you go. It’s really that simple. Don’t worry about whether the song is any good or not. Just start writing down your ideas and take the brakes off your creativity. Part of the trick here is to simply have the courage to begin. You can edit later. You can write 5 songs and throw 3 of them away later if you want. In the beginning, you’re only writing for you. Think of it like an exercise.

Another songwriting tip for writing your first song, is that if possible, it’s best to have some type of recording device. Many mp3 players come with a recording device built in. You can use most computers as well. All you need is a cheap microphone. I believe Windows usually comes with a simple built-in recording program. You don’t need anything fancy. The purpose of making a recording is so that you can have a record of what you did. You may come up with a great melody for your lyrics, but several days later, when you come back to the song, you may forget the melody. So the recording is for your benefit only. Later, you can use this recording as a reference, to add chords or accompaniment, perhaps with the help of another musician.

There are several other methods possible for writing your first song, but I believe this is the simplest and the easiest method for most people. I’ll discuss some of the other methods in future songwriting tips articles.

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