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Why I Love Being A Kansas City Musician

Had a fantastic time again last night playing with Seth Lee and Rob Whitsitt at Hallbrook Country Club. It got me thinking again about why I came to Kansas City in the first place.

In Kansas City, I have access to a pool of world class jazz musicians. I would compare many of the Kansas City musicians with the best musicians anywhere in the world. They may not all be famous, but they’re every bit as talented.

If I lived in some small town in the middle of nowhere, I simply wouldn’t be able to perform the music that I do, because there wouldn’t be this caliber of players available to play with.

When I first moved here, I felt like everyday was a day at Disney World. It was like an amazing dream that I didn’t ever want to wake up from. Like all things in life though, the more we experience things, the more we tend to start taking them for granted.

Every once in awhile though, those same feelings of elation return, and everything feels right with the world again. Last night was one of those nights.

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