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The Sinking Of The USS Indianapolis

C        F             G           C             Am     G         C

Verse 1: Just before the break of dawn the sailors start to pray

C        F            G           C         Am           G             C

For a ship or death to come relieve their pain some way

Am       Em         G   Em   F   Dm            G

Thirst and hunger, suffering, shivering with fear

C             F            G             C        Am          G      C

Grieving for their lifeless friends and feeling end is near


C        F          G             C              Am          G         C

Verse 2: Most of them were only boys but did their mission well

C    F           G    C      Am   G    C

Helped turn Nagasaki to a living hell

Am      Em          G       Em      F     Dm            G

Leaving Guam their ship was hit, and sank quickly down

C            F           G            C         Am       G        C

Leaving most of them to be killed by sharks or drown


C       F        G          C        Am     G              C

Verse 3: As the sun begins to rise I glimpse them on the sea

C           F            G         C            Am         G       C

Sunburned faces waiting for someone to set them free

Am      Em           G      Em   F    Dm    G

I can hear their cries of rage, desperately they call

C        F   G   C         Am                       G     C

Agony beyond belief to bring freedom for all



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