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The Best Podcast For Independent Musicians

There are tons of podcasts for independent musicians. For me personally, it’s difficult sometimes to weed through all of them and find one that’s useful to me. Part of this is the simple fact that I’ve been an independent musician for a long time. I’ve read many books on the music business. I’ve read hundreds of articles. I’ve also tried lots of different things suggested by other musicians, in my efforts to build my music business, and an audience for my music.

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“Elements Of Sound 2” photo by Eric Prunier.

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast

As I read all these different articles and listen to various podcasts, I tend to hear a lot of the same ideas over and over, which isn’t always that useful or interesting to me personally. The exception to this is the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast
CD Baby is one of the oldest and most trusted distributors of independent music in the world. Part of the reason for their success is their ability to change their distribution model quickly as the market for music changes. They’re always on the cutting edge of technology.

Today I listened to an episode where they indicated that within 1-2 years, Apple’s iTunes store will be out of business! This is obviously important news for independent musicians, since in the past, a lot of our revenue was usually generated through iTunes downloads. Because of the nature of their business, CD Baby always hears about these type of changes in the music industry immediately. As an independent musician, I like to know about these changes as quick as I can. It helps me to plan ahead, and hopefully not waste tons of time working in the wrong direction. The DIY Musician Podcast features music news at the beginning of each episode which I find very beneficial.

Podcast Content

The main podcast content is usually an interview with an independent music artist, or an individual who works with independent musicians in some other capacity. Some of these other individuals include sound engineers, PR professionals, photographers, etc. Again, I find these really helpful because I get very current information on exactly what’s working for other musicians and what isn’t.

The episode I listened to today was about making a music video with zero dollars. Personally, up to this point I’ve made solo acoustic videos, some instructional videos, and that’s about it. So I found the episode especially helpful, in exploring some more creative options. The most important thing I got out of it was the knowledge that you really don’t need to spend much, or necessarily any money to create a music video that’s both professional and entertaining.

Overall, I simply feel like if you’re going to listen to just one podcast for independent musicians, this is the one to listen to. Check out the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast at http://cdbabypodcast.com/.

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