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Performing On The Toilet

Went to YouTube last night looking for a bit of inspiration. I’ve been planning on promoting my music on YouTube, but first I wanted to check out what others were doing. I figured that way I could decide what I liked, didn’t like, etc. Basically I didn’t want to look like an idiot.

“Before I do anything I ask myself, ‘Would and idiot do that?,’ and if the answer is yes I do not do that thing.” Dwight Shrute, The Office.

Words to live by. Anyway, one of the questions I had was whether I would look stupid video taping myself playing my songs in the comfort of my home. Of course the answer to that is that I will fit right in with the YouTube crowd. I found tons of people performing in their homes, many with absolutely no preparation at all to the background scenery in their videos. Most notably I saw one talented guy performing in his bathroom. Of course because I have such a twisted sense of humor I immediately thought of writing a song about the bathroom, then video taping myself performing it while sitting on the toilet.

Once again as I watched these videos it was glaringly obvious that there’s no lack of talent out there. In every single video I watched, the musician performed really well, and surprisingly sang in tune. What a concept.

I was especially impressed with Sarah Bella, a singer/songwriter from Michigan. Great voice, and well-crafted, catchy songs. Check her out at www.sarahbellamusic.com/#! or at her YouTube page.


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