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Jim Croce – Lost Time In A Bottle

I’m currently listening to Jim Croce, “Lost Time In A Bottle” on Spotify. Love this CD! I’m going to ask for a copy of this for my birthday so I can listen to it in my car. It’s mostly very sparsely produced versions of his tunes, live versions, etc.

Jim Croce toured as a duo. He performed lead vocals and mostly rhythm guitar. He brought Maury Muehleisen with him for his performances in later years, complimenting his rhythm guitar playing with very tasteful lead guitar licks. I love this very minimalistic approach to Croce’s excellent songs. To me, it’s really timeless, because the sound of an acoustic guitar never really goes out of style.

I’m also currently reading his biography, written by his widow. She talks a lot in the book about how about half of his stage show was his banter about his songs, life, etc. It’s really interesting listening to these live recordings, because you get to hear a lot of that here. Very entertaining.

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  1. Loved all Jim Croce’s music. And, I agree that acoustic guitar IS timeless. It is also the purest of guitar style. I wonder how many songs were written from behind an electric guitar compared to acoustic. Right?? Lol!

    1. Thanks Dan. I think you’re right that most songs are written on acoustic guitar. Sometimes songwriters also write on a different instrument, to help inspire them to write a different kind of song.

      As a songwriter, I’ve seen advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. I wrote a song called “Dog Island Florida” on the piano quite a few years ago. To this day, I have a hard time performing that song on the guitar because it was never intended to be played on the guitar. There are too many chord changes and alternate bass notes for the guitar in the song.

      It’s sometimes weird too trying to translate songs from acoustic to electric guitar or vice versa. For instance, a song like “Taking Care Of Business” sounds great on electric guitar. It sounds kind of funny trying to play that song on acoustic guitar. That’s a song that I’m sure was probably written originally from the electric guitar. It’s hard to imagine them coming up with that same riff strumming an acoustic guitar.

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