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Headless Barbie-Video

Headless Barbie is actually my personal favorite so far out of all the songs I’ve written. First of all, I have a quirky, and somewhat strange sense of humor sometimes. I feel it’s completely reflected in this song. I’ve always loved bands who have a sense of humor to their music. Some of these include Bowling For Soup, Bare Naked Ladies, and Fountains Of Wayne.

I also enjoy catchy rock music, driven by crunchy, distorted guitars. I think I finally created a song that kind of captures that feel and attitude. I spent more time mixing and remixing this song than any of my others. It’s a pretty good mix, though I still hear a few things that I want to fix.

This was my first attempt at video. It was really just a fun experiment that my daughter Mandy and I did on one Saturday afternoon. It’s entertaining but I know it still needs some work. I plan on doing much more with video, especially since YouTube has become such a great outlet for independent music.

Anyway, for those of you who have never heard the song or seen the video yet, I hope you enjoy it!


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