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I’ve been teaching guitar lessons in Kansas City for many years. I currently teach out of my studio in Peculiar, Cass County MO.

“Brad Allen started teaching our 11 year old son the guitar about 2 years ago. He offers reasonable rates and flexible scheduling. Our son was enthusiastic about music but discouraged after taking piano lessons and feeling like it was a chore. Within 3 months of taking guitar lessons with Brad, he had learned power chords and could play over 5 songs by ear. Brad’s method of teaching emphasizes learning the basics and immediately applying it to playing music a young student recognizes and can grasp. He understood that just learning notes in a book would not keep a young man’s attention long, and instead emphasized learning chords by sound and developing good fingering and hand/eye coordination on the instrument. Brad emphasizes positive encouragement while adding layers that pushes our son’s learning a little bit further with each lesson. After 2 years, our son can play a portfolio of songs including the solos. he’s performed in school talent shows and he’s learning to read music notation just in time for school band. We couldn’t be happier with our son’s progress thanks to Brad’s measurable teaching abilities.” Kim Wheeler, Pleasant Hill, MO

My Method Of Teaching Guitar

In beginning guitar lessons, I usually try to focus on helping students to play some actual songs as quickly as possible. This makes it more fun than just playing scales, etc.

Then, as a student progresses, I teach them a couple of simple scales so they can play lead guitar. We get into more advanced chords, which allows them to play more songs.

This leads to bar chords, finger picking, and chord scales used in jazz and other advanced styles.

Eventually, if they really get into the guitar, I teach them 2-handed tapping, similar to Eddie Van Halen!

I can be reached at (816) 779-1030 or feel free to send me an email.

Guitar Tips

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