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Entrepreneurial ADD

One out of five adults suffer from Entrepreneurial ADD. Well maybe not, but sometimes I really think that I do. I guess for my wife Jill, it’s been a wild amusement park ride, though I’m not quite sure she’d describe it that way.

I got involved in a mutli-level marketing business when I was 20 years old. I spent lots of time and money trying to make it profitable, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I did learn a lot about sales and marketing though, and it certainly planted the seeds of desiring to own my own business.

Since that time, I’ve started many types of small businesses, some of which made some cash, and many in which I simply lost a lot of time and a little money.

I started a vending business, and placed candy machines in Jiffy Lubes and other businesses around the Kansas City area. I made money, but it wasn’t the type of thing I could see myself continuing to do year after year. Boy the candy that we bought in bulk from Sam’s Club was delicious though. I think that was probably my daughter Lauren’s favorite business venture.

At one point I started a cleaning business. I didn’t actually plan on cleaning the homes myself. I figured I’d hire people for minimum wage and just pocket the profits. How hard could that be? Lots of people need their homes cleaned right?

I paid to have door hangers made. We hung them on every door in a very upscale neighborhood. That was a lot of work! I think I got a phone call from one of those flyers a week later. Unfortunately by that time I had already lost my enthusiasm for the cleaning business. Yep, it was that fast.

I’m aware that I have this problem. I’m working on it. Light a candle for me. Say a prayer.

I think I’m getting better. Don’t know if my wife thinks so, but she’ll probably keep it to herself. Currently I’m doing my best to focus. Focus Brad, focus!

I’ve spent the last few years really digging into web development. I’ve learned HTML and CSS like the back of my hand. I’m spending time daily studying JavaScript and PHP. I’m building websites 8-10 hours a day to put bread on the table. That’s currently my full-time job.

I’ve done very little in the last 2 years in the areas of songwriting, performing or promoting my music. Again, easily distracted as well as very busy. After doing a lot  of thinking and soul searching lately, I’ve decided that this is unacceptable. So somehow I’m going to try to fit my musical endeavors into my insane schedule, while I try to keep my focus on my full-time job as a web developer.

Now I need to end this blog entry because I need to go study some JavaScript. Focus Brad. Just focus.




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