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I’ve been teaching drum lessons in the Kansas City area for many years. I currently teach out of my studio in Peculiar, Cass County MO.
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“He does a great job with my kids. He is presently teaching drums, guitar and bass guitar. As soon as they learn the basics on an instrument he uses another instrument to play and sing songs with them! They love it!” Brett R., Kansas City, MO

My Drum Teaching Methods

I gear my lessons to the student’s interests and abilities. With most students, I don’t start with stick technique or snare drumming, as I’ve found that most students find this topic pretty boring and tedious in the beginning. With beginning students, I usually teach them to play a basic rock beat on the drum-set during the first or second lesson. This is fun for them, so it gets them started quickly. We then continue to build on that, adding more rock beat variations, and eventually fills.

Depending on the student’s interest and abilities, we eventually progress to more advanced styles-jazz, funk, Afro-Cuban 6/8, etc. I work with them on their stick control, reading, and rudiments. As they become more and more advanced, we usually talk less about technique and exercises, and work more on musicality, and how to approach various styles of music.

Teaching Drummers To Be Musicians

Although the drums are my main instrument, I also sing and double on guitar. Therefore, I have a very unique viewpoint when it comes to teaching drum students how to approach songs and music, rather than the very narrow technical approach, taught by many drum teachers. All the technique in the world doesn’t help you if you don’t know how to actually play music. My forte as a drum teacher is that along with the many technical aspects of playing the drum-set, I teach my students to be good musicians. I find it very helpful for my drum students to play along with them on the guitar. This way they learn how to play the drums with other musicians.

Call (816) 779-1030 today to start private drum lessons.

My daughter has taken four lessons so far and Brad has her playing very well already. He will even play along on the guitar which gives her the feeling of playing in a band. She is having a good time and looks forward to more lessons.” Sean, Lee’s Summit, MO

Finding A Good Drum Teacher

There are a lot of drum teachers out there. Personally, I had some really good drum teachers, and some really bad teachers as well. I’ve tried to take what I learned from all these experiences and apply it to my own teaching.

I started out studying with my local band directors. None of them were really drummers, but at least they got me pointed in the right direction. They taught me how to read, and also taught the drum rudiments.

My junior year of high school I met Dave Divis. Dave was a very serious player. At the time, he was studying percussion at Manhattan School Of Music, taking private lessons with Joe Morello, as well as taking marimba lessons with Leigh Howard Stevens. Dave introduced me to some extremely effective practice techniques.

The first technique was practicing with a metronome. He convinced me that I absolutely had to practice with a metronome if I really wanted to become a good player. I bought one at my local music store, which at the time cost me $50. Ouch! A big sacrifice at the time, but great advice. I’ve since found through my own teaching as well as through my practicing, that practice with a metronome is absolutely the most efficient way to develop your technique, control, sense of timing, accuracy, and sense of groove.

He also got me working on stick technique, specifically out of the books, “Stick Control,” by George Lawrence Stone, and “Master Studies,” by Joe Morello. The result was that my drumming ability quickly took off. Honestly, at the time it seemed like magic. Suddenly I was able to play much faster, and playing felt effortless.

Best Drummer In The State

The year before studying these techniques, I tried out for some of the Nebraska high school honor bands. I wasn’t good enough to make any of the bands. After studying these techniques, and practicing very hard for a year, I went and auditioned again. I made first seat in 2 bands. I won these positions competing with over 70 other drummers in each audition. Obviously these methods work.

Brad does very well with my 8 year old who hashould a very short attention span. He was more than accommodating coming to our place for his first lesson and showing him how to put his drum set together.” John J.,
Harisonville, MO

Helping Drum Students Become Their Personal Best

They’ve worked for my students as well. I’ve been able to help several other students achieve first chair in their state honor bands too by applying these methods to their practicing and playing. I’ve been teaching drums  in the Kansas City area for over 10 years. I’ve had several students go on to become professional players. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve had at least a small part in someone else’s success.

Professional Drumming Experience

I’ve been a professional drummer for over 20 years. I performed as a drummer/percussionist in the U.S. Army Band for over 7 years. I’ve performed in a wide range of situations, including drum-lines, rock bands, jazz bands, country bands, theater pit orchestras, and even ragtime bands, so I have a very broad knowledge of various styles of drumming and percussion.

Call (816) 779-1030 today to start private drum lessons in your home, or at my studio.

I started drum lessons with Brad when I was 45 years old. He wasn’t phased by an older student who wanted to take on a new challenge. He was always patient, and supportive. He regularly reminded me of my strengths and pushed me to learn new skills, to increase the skill set that drummers need. The single greatest thing Brad encouraged me to do was join Rock Band. Working with other musicians, setting up and breaking down sets for play gigs, and developing a play list to play in public was very rewarding. I will never work professionally as a drummer, but this allowed me to be a part of a band, which I will always treasure. I truly enjoyed my time playing with the guys.” Lynne Rock, Olathe, KS

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