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Do Musicians Get More Girls?

Is it true that musicians get lots of girls? I worked at a Ford dealership for a little while. There was also this old musician that worked there. One day I heard someone ask him this question, then I heard his answer. He went on like a fisherman telling stories of fish he’d caught that were bigger than whales. This guy made it sound like every time he stepped on stage, he was absolutely mobbed by crazy women, even at his old age!

I haven’t found that it’s really quite that wild for all of the “normal musicians” out there. It isn’t like being in Def Leppard, or Aerosmith or something like that. However, I have seen a few crazy things happen.

I was in the U.S. Army Band for several years. Part of our duty was performing in an Army rock band at high schools in Upstate New York. This was an attempt at recruiting, at showing high school kids how cool and how much fun the Army is. We would regularly get asked to sign autographs for the kids, which I actually found kind of embarrassing, being a somewhat shy individual.

At one high school things got a little out of control. We had a large group of girls rush the stage. They got a hold of our lead singer, and started tearing his clothes off. Luckily security stepped in before anyone was hurt. We had a good laugh about it later.

On another occasion I was performing jazz with some other musicians at an open mic night. A girl approached me later and said she saw me perform. She said she was from St.Louis, and so she had grown up listening to jazz, and had a real thing for jazz musicians. So ‘Yada, yada‘ she became my girl friend for a while.

One night in Kansas City, I was playing drum-set with a band at a place called McCoy’s Public House. There was a really gorgeous oriental girl sitting in the audience watching

McCoy's Public House, Kansas City, MO

McCoy’s Public House

us perform. She started staring at me and smiling. After our song was over, she clapped loudly, then said, “You guys are just fantastic, especially that drummer!” Again, being somewhat shy, I felt myself turning bright red with embarrassment. We started the next song, and while I was playing I started laughing. I couldn’t hardly even play. She kept staring at me and smiling.

Finally the song was over. My friend Tom DeMasters played the melody from “My Little China Girl,” by David Bowie on his guitar. Of course I laughed again.

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