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Castizos Show

Great gig last night at Castizos in Smithville. That was actually the first solo show I’ve done in a little while. Lots of compliments on my singing and good response to my original songs.

In the past I did most of these type of shows with the addition of a looping pedal. I’d record bass lines, percussive parts, and even vocal harmonies live, as the audience watched. Then, I’d perform the song accompanied by the parts I’d just created.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it though, as well as watching performances of other singer/songwriters performing both with looping pedals, as well as with just their acoustic guitars, and I’ve decided, at least for now, to perform these shows completely stripped down-just me and my acoustic guitar. Sort of live without a net.

I’ve often tried to explain to people what it feels like to be up there in front of a bunch of complete strangers, with just your guitar, and no band to sort of hide your occasionally missed chords, etc.  It sort of feels like standing up there naked.

The only thing that I think could make a person more self-conscious would be stand up comedy. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be standing on a stage,  tell a joke, and sometimes have nobody laugh. Wow, that takes guts.

Playing at the same venue again tonight, so today, I’m dusting off some of my other tunes.

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