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Bob Weir & Rat Dog Concert

Decided it was finally time to start blogging again. It’s somewhat therapeutic, and doesn’t harm any animals, so what the hell, right ? Plus it hasn’t hurt Jonathon Coulton‘s music career, as far as I can see. Jonathon and I do have a few things in common. Like Jonathon, I also spend my days writing computer code. I also tend to write quirky, sometimes funny, and sometimes weird songs. Don’t know whether the computer interest is related somehow or not, but anyway, we have that connection.

I actually work as a web developer during the day. Speaking of that, this website is probably in dire need of some updating. That’s one of the disadvantages I guess, to being a musician who builds websites. I spend an awful lot of time rebuilding my website, because I can. Sometimes I think that time would be much better spent writing songs, or recording new music.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about the Bob Weir concert I attended last  Saturday night. Bob Weir was a member of the Grateful Dead, for those of you who were wondering. I went because I was invited by a friend, who had a couple of free tickets. I never got to see the Grateful Dead live, so I figured this would be an interesting experience.

As expected, lots of hippies showed up, wearing tie-dyed shirts, dread-locks, etc., and many of them were selling merchandise before the show to support their chosen lifestyle.

The concert itself was at the Midland Theater, in  Kansas City, MO. The theater was built during the 1920’s and was the most beautiful theater I’ve seen in my life. Hand-carved woodwork, gorgeous paintings, etc. Really amazing.

Bob Weir played lots of slow, to medium slow songs, that really weren’t what I’d call “danceable.” But of course, as you would expect, a large percentage of the audience was smoking marijuana. Therefore, they danced during the entire show, in way that only “dead heads” know how. My friend and I both agreed that watching the people dance was actually quite a bit more entertaining than watching the band.

It also didn’t hurt that the concert was attended by lots of beautiful women, of all different ages, dressed in skirts and summer dresses. All in all, a very entertaining experience.

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