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6 Essential Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and it can all easily get overwhelming. Some guests will have traveled a long way to attend your special day, so it is a good idea to make sure they all have a great time. The best way to ensure that everyone enjoys your wedding is to have good entertainment. Most of the time, a band is more dynamic and memorable than a DJ. Here are six tips to consider when searching for the ideal band for your wedding.
1. Before you even get started with your search, contact the venue and talk to them about spatial considerations. They may have regulations about sound level, space, etc. The limitations your venue places on such things will help narrow down the types of bands you can choose. For example, if the space is only 30 feet by 30 feet, a ten-piece swing band would not be appropriate. The venue may also have regulations about noise level, and at what time the noise level needs to go down, especially if the event will take place in a heavily populated area.
2. Once you have figured out what size band would be best for your venue, it’s time to start an internet search. Keep in mind that you and your fiancée aren’t the only ones to consider when it comes to music taste. If you choose a genre that not a lot of people like, your guests will be reluctant to dance and enjoy themselves. The best option for pleasing the most number of wedding guests is an experienced wedding band that plays a variety of songs, both slow and fast. The band should know a lot of familiar tunes that will resonate with your guests. Start with a search for “wedding bands” and your city. It is easier for all parties if you choose a band that doesn’t have to travel far. If you have a specific theme in mind for your wedding, it would be best to choose a group that fits your theme. For instance, if you have a country wedding than a country wedding band would be appropriate. If you don’t have a theme that requires specific music, a band that plays a variety would be best.
3. For every possible band you find in your search, it is very important to know what you are getting into. Find their website or social media page, and read what others have to say about the group. Were they professional? Did the audience seem to enjoy themselves? If there are no testimonials about the group, you may be better off choosing someone more established in the community. Then, watch live footage of the group performing. Almost every band has included a video of a performance on their website. It is important to note how the band interacts with the audience. Do they have a good attitude? The attitude of the band will certainly affect the audience.
4. If you like what you see, the most important part of the process comes next; contacting the group. Any professional band will have a number or an e-mail that you can contact. It is crucial that you introduce yourself and what you want first, and then make sure that you ask a lot of questions so that you and the group will have an in-depth understanding of what to expect on the special day. One common mistake that people make is trying to control the set list. The band will probably not be able to play everything you want. However, if there is a specific song you want them to learn, especially for your first dance, ensure that you let them know far enough in advance so that they can master it. Obviously, price is an important question to ask as well, so you should already have some space in the budget allocated to the entertainment.
5. Work closely with your chosen band so that all parties know exactly what will happen and when. How many sets will the band play? When will breaks take place? Usually, bands don’t play for the entire duration of the reception. So, decide when you want to have them play. Keep in mind that a party usually begins to wind down around midnight, so it is not necessary to have nonstop music. While they are not playing, you can set up some other form of music, like an Ipod, in the background.
6. You are far more likely to get a good performance if you take good care of your band. Make sure you don’t overlook this step, because it can easily get lost in all of the other overwhelming wedding variables. Some couples choose to have a separate space for the band to take their breaks, complete with places to sit, food, and drink. This will help to refresh the group so that they are ready to give their best performance in the next set. It is important for the band to always have water at the very least, and it is also polite to provide food. Whatever else you provide is up to you, but it is important for the band to know that you appreciate them!
If you don’t have a professional wedding planner to organize all the pieces of an event, it can get overwhelming. If you choose your entertainment and make sure everything is in place far in advance, then that is one less thing to worry about. It is an immense relief for couples when even just the entertainment is taken care of. Hopefully this article will help ease your mind and help make your wedding a day to remember!

Lauren Votava is a Kansas City area freelance writer. For more information on Lauren’s writing services visit her website.

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